Idea For Using Balloons For A Wedding

Me and my fiancée had an idea that we weren’t sure would fly with some of our guests. Yes, we know that it’s usual to just get a bunch of cards offering good wishes, but we thought we’d do something in order to invite more participation at the actual wedding.

Me and my fiancée are both fans of balloons, and we’re talking big and beautiful balloons. At first we weren’t sure if balloons would work, because they can be so fragile, but after giving it some thought we decided they would work just fine for the purpose we wanted to use them for.

So what’s the big idea? Well we were thinking about putting special messages on the balloons and then inviting guests to add messages as well, but only for a select amount of balloons. We thought it would be a nice touch, but then of course we begin to have just a few concerns.

What if the messaging people do is super sloppy?

We have an idea of the theme we want for our wedding and it isn’t something overly formal, but we still want there to be a certain decorum for our big day. So if we decide to let people write messages on balloons for us, what if their messaging looks so terrible it just doesn’t vibe with the scenery?  Think about what this would do when it came to pictures.

What if people were too rough and balloons were popping all over the place?

I don’t know about you, but a wedding day is a day that no matter how hard you try it’s going to trigger nerves in people. So imagine the sound of balloons popping every so often due to people being too rough with them. The constant popping would get very irritating and we feel at some point people would feel it just wasn’t worth it if things we too difficult.

Would enough people actually want to do this?

The idea of writing private messages on balloons to line the aisles or be present at a wedding reception seems fun, but what if people just don’t buy into it? We would feel like it was a big fail and we certain don’t want this. There is one way to resolve this and that would be to simple have someone imploring people to take part and control the amount of balloons that were made on the front end.

Upon giving it some thought me and my fiancée came up with a solution for both of the first two problems. It might cost us a little extra money, but for balloon lovers like ourselves we feel it would work.

What we could do is decide to have a professional, someone who is good at inflating balloons and writing in a certain style of them do all the work. By doing it this way we can ensure that messaging looked the way we wanted it to in order to fit in with our wedding. On top of this we could ensure that the balloons were handled in proper fashion as to ensure none of them would get popped in the process.

On top of having someone implore people to take part it’s hard to see how this wouldn’t work. What do you guys think? We feel it would be a fun idea for lots of weddings, but we know this isn’t going to be everyone’s forte. So we’re likely speaking to people who share our passion for balloons and already have plans to have them included in their wedding ceremony or reception.